Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we believe everyone deserves fresh ingredients and large portions cooked just right that will surely leave you feeling satisfied.


With 5 kinds of Eggs Benny served on a croissant, our massive Omelettes and our signature Montreal Smoked Meat Hash, there is something for everyone.

  • Traditional Breakfast

    • 10.25

    2 or 3 eggs, served with hashbrowns and toast.

    • Add bacon, beef sausage or ham 3.75
  • Huevos Rancheros

    • 12.25

    A flour tortilla topped with salsa and two soft basted eggs, tomatoes, green onions and melted cheese. Served with hashbrowns and toast.

    • Add bacon, beef sausage or ham 3.75
  • Montreal Smoked Meat Hash

    • 15.75

    Authentic Montrèal Smoked Meat mixed with hashbrowns, harlicky mushrooms, sautèed onions, banana peppers and cheese. 

    Topped with soft basted eggs and served with toast.

  • Buttermilk Pancakes

    • 13.00

    Three pancakes, your choice of plain, blueberry, banana, strawberry or chocolate chip.

    Butter and real maple syrup.

  • Pancake Breakfast

    • 15.00

    Two pancakes, eggs any style with bacon, beef sausage or ham.

    Butter and maple syrup.

  • Belmont French Toast

    • 13.25

    Served with maple syrup, cinnamon and butter and hashbrowns.

    • Add bacon, beef sausage or ham 3.75
  • Breakfast Burritos

    • One 11.75
    • Two 15.75

    Scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, beef sausage sautèed mushrooms, onions, banana peppers and green peppers rolled inside flour tortillas. 

    Served with salsa, sour cream and hashbrowns.

  • Montrèal Smoked Meat Omelette

    • 16.00

    Three eggs, authentic Montrèal Smoked Meat with sautèed onions, garlicky mushrooms and plenty of cheese.

    Served with hashbrons and toast.

  • Calgary's Only Omelette of Choice

    • Any number of fillings. Same price. 16.50

    Cheese, bacon, beef sausage, ham, Montrèal Smoked Meat, sautèed mushrooms, green peppers, onions, green onions, tomatoes, banana peppers, salsa and sour cream. 

    Served with hashbrowns and toast. 

  • B.O.B. (Breakfast on a Bun)

    • 10.00

    Egg, melted cheese, grilled tomatoes and choice of bacon, beef sausage or ham, served with hashbrowns.

    Available as vegetarian (sautèed mushrooms & green onions).

  • Cody Scramble

    • 13.25

    Three scrambled eggs with cheese, sautèed mushrooms, tomatoes and green onions, served with hashbrowns and toast.

    • Add in diced bacon, beef sausage or ham 3.75
  • Breakfast Sundae

    • 12.25

    Fresh fruit, granola and yogurt layered in a parfait glass, served with toast.

  • Eggs Benedict

    Poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce on a grilled croissant with hashbrowns.

    • Smoked Pacific Salmon 16.00
    • Real Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes 16.25
    • Authentic Montrèal Smoked Meat 15.50
    • Spinach, roasted red peppers, sautèed mushrooms and onions 15.00
    • Grilled ham or bacon 15.25
  • Extras

    • Single French Toast 4.00
    • Substitute fresh fruit for hashbrowns 2.50
    • Fresh fruit cup 3.75
    • Side of toast 2.75
    • Side of bacon, ham or beef sausages